Sun Mao Design Exhibition 


Sun Mao Design Exhibition gave form to the 6th year's exhibition of “Rong”. Centering on the theme of Chinese traditional craft of mortise and tenon structure, the exhibition is not only the deconstruction and exploration of traditional crafts by designers, artists, and artisans from varied fields, but also a process of restructuring and creating through combining tradition and the modern.
Mingdu Studio produced the entire exhibiting design, ranging from the key poster, the countdown poster, the invitation letter, brochures, etc. for this show. The key poster is mainly composed of six pieces of mortise and tenon structure that connect end to end to form a dislocated three-dimensional space. On the countdown poster the digits are disintegrated into mortise and tenon pieces and the animation effect is achieved through the assembling of the mortise and tenon joints.



Designer: Chen Liang

Sun Mao Font designer:Yufeng Li

设计师: 梁晨