Mingdu Design Studio was founded in Hamburg, Germany in 2016. In 2019, the studio extends its business to Shenzhen, the city of design in China, with the quality and ideas from Germany to combine with the improved system of manufacture in China. We devote ourselves to presenting professional design services and products of original design.
Mingdu specializes in the design of furniture and household products, and meanwhile makes innovative explorations in the fields of bookbinding, interaction design, spatial design, etc. It focuses on the integrating potentials of tradition and modern, of culture and technology, and of the East and the West.

明渡设计工作室于2016年在德国汉堡成立。2019年,工作室将设计业务拓展到中国的“设计之都”— 深圳,将源于德国的设计品质与理念和中国完善的生产与制造体系相结合,致力于为全球客户提供专业的设计服务和原创设计产品。

Design Philosophy of Mingdu  明渡设计理念

The studio’s name “Mingdu” refers to the two Chinese characters of “明” (“Ming”) and “渡” (“Du”). Composed of “日” (“the sun”) and “月” (“the moon”), "明" represents the unity of Yin and Yang, the law of nature, as well as a bright future. “渡” takes its meaning from Heart Sutra, meaning the process of crossing with wisdom from one side to the other, helping others as well as oneself walk to the bright and promising future. 
“MIingdu” is what we name our studio and entails our design philosophy: to design in accordance with the law of nature; to connect design with society; to bring others to hope and future via design. Those are the issues we intend to think over and explore both at present and in the future, our mission.


We are Mingdu Design  明渡设计团队

Mingdu Design is a young international team, made up of talents graduating from internationally renowned universities and possessing abundant work experience both within China and overseas. The team has won multiple internationally acknowledged awards including Red Dot Award: Grand Prix, and obtained many patents in design home and abroad.
Mingdu has its studios in Hamburg, Germany and in Shenzhen, China. Based on specific markets in different countries, the work is divided among our team members, who join themselves in bringing the best out of the quality design resources and production edges of the two regions.


Chen Liang   梁晨

Founder of Mingdu Design;  Chief Designer
Liang acquired his bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design from Luxun Academy of Fine Arts and master’s degree in Product Design from University of Fine Arts Hamburg. He worked as chief designer in several products and furniture companies in Germany. In 2016 Liang founded Mingdu Studio in Hamburg, designing and developing products for many a company both in Europe and in Asia. 
He published theoretical studies on design, such as “RONG” and Tibetan Spinning Craft and Social Design in Germany, which are archived by several renowned universities and institutes. His works have won multiple international design awards, such as Red Dot Award Best of the Best, iF Design Award, German Design Award, etc., and he himself was also invited to Milan Design Week and many other design Exhibition in Germany, France, Singapore, China, and so on.