Slender Gold Furniture Collection


Behind the design lies a styple of Chinese calligraphy “Slender Gold” invented by Emperor Huizong of Song. As the name suggests, this type of calligraphy is featured with slender figures and distinct vigorous strokes. The elements of twists and turns in the calligraphy are abstracted and undergo geometrical transformation so as to be applied to the design of modern furniture. The three types of furniture all find their roots in the traditional pieces, on the basis of which more pragmatic functions are added to meet the needs of modern life.

设计灵感来自于宋徽宗创立的瘦金体书法, 其特点是身材纤细,结构转折明显,富有力量。从笔韵中提取起伏,转折等元素,将其进行几何化转化,并运用到当代家具设计之中。三款家具均有传统家具变形而来,并在原有形态基础上增加实用功能,符合当代生活的需求。

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Designer: Chen Liang

Material:  African padauk
Dimensions (mm):
Chair: 620(W) x 490(D) x 870(H)
Table: 1500(W) x 600(D) x 750(H)
Clothes Racks: 890(W) x 340(D) x 1700(H)

设计师: 梁晨

材料: 非洲花梨木

峭筋椅: 620(W) x 490(D) x 870(H)
伏藏案: 1500(W) x 600(D) x 750(H)
正官架: 890(W) x 340(D) x 1700(H)