Design Services


Mingdu Design is dedicated to R&D and production. In its constant cooperation with European and Asian corporations, manufacturers and suppliers, Mingdu has accumulated bountiful resources in design and experience in manufacturing. Based on our insights into both the Eastern and the Western cultures and markets, together with the meticulous German attitude and high efficiency, our team is capable of providing customized design schemes corresponding to market requirements.

明渡是一个集成研发与制造的设计团队, 在欧洲与亚洲的企业、 制造商以及供应链长期合作中掌握了丰富的设计资源与生产经验。从设计的构思到产品的打样一直秉承德国严谨的设计态度与高效的工作效率,并对东西方不同的文化与市场有深入的了解,因此我们可根据客户的要求提出独到而又符合市场需求的设计方案。

Original Design 


The original products of Mingdu Design all belong to the practice of our design philosophy. Instead of considering design as merely a tool for business and market operations, we use our intelligent and creative designs to regulate the balance between men, society, culture and nature. Blending different cultural elements of the East and the West, we try to explore the common grounds and inclusiveness of cultures and accord with the trends of modern life, while presenting the quintessence of the ethnic cultures.