Ray Vase


It is a vase that gleams, as well as a lamp that blooms. The trick lies in the mixture of ceramic and a wooden base with a LED. The special waterproof treatment to the base enables it to be used as a normal vase.
At night, a gentle touch of the sensor switch on the bottom of the vase will light the followers; at the refraction of the water in the vase, the white ceramic will create the gradient from light to dark, picturing in the room a poetic and aesthetic ambient.


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Designer: Chen Liang

Material: White ceramic, Brass, Beech
Dimensions (mm): 78(W) x 78(D) x 190(H)


设计师: 梁晨

材料: 白瓷, 黄铜, 榉木
尺寸(mm): 78(W) x 78(D) x 190(H)