Rotary Screens 


The design takes inspiration from the Chinese scroll of calligraphy and painting. At the junctions the traditional metal hinges are replaced with linen bandages for the 360 degree’s spin of each screen. The screens can thus be to adjusted in various shapes to adapt to different spatial requirements. The design adds more pragmatic functions, such as hanger, table and shelf in this traditional furniture to meet the modern living requirements.


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Designer: Chen Liang

Material: Spruce wood, Cotton material,

                 Hemp webbing
Dimensions(mm): 520(W) x 180(D) x 1800(H)

设计师: 梁晨

材料: 松木, 棉麻布, 麻质绷带
尺寸(mm): 520(W) x 180(D) x 1800(H)