It was another honour of Mindu that our design of Mogu series ( Mogu Stool, Mogu Table ) was invited to be exhibited on Sun Mao Design Exhibition held in Sea World Culture and Art Center, Shenzhen. 

Sun Mao Design Exhibition gave form to the 6th year’s exhibition of “Rong”. Centering on the theme of Chinese traditional craft of mortise and tenon structure, the exhibition is not only the deconstruction and exploration of traditional crafts by designers, artists, and artisans from varied field...

Our new design office was finally launched in Shenzhen, the city of design in China. Mingdu is about to start its fresh new journey from here!



It's  moving, with no pause in space.

It's growing, circling and cycling in life.

It's a distance, or a dimension.

It's time.

时间 — 年轮钟






What is Nature? What is the relationship between design and nature? The topic our studio has been devoted to since its establishment.

After nearly 2 years’ exploration, we attempted early this year to reply to the proposed question with the four series of works.

Luffa Series

Nature is a material, representative of environment-protection and green. We apply Nature in products to create more environmentally friendly and sustained design.

Annual Rings ClockForever Love Vase 
Nature is a philosophy,...

It is our honor to announce that our designing works,  Luffa Series  furniture and  X-Knitting Lounger , won the 2019 German Design Award! We would like to thank Germany Design Committee for their acknowledgement of our work and Xi’an Yiniao Age Culture Media for their support in our design project. This highest leveled award of design in Germany is the most valuable gift and praise for my 5-year study and work in Germany.

2019 德国国家设计奖!

非常荣幸地宣布,我们的2项设计作品   丝 系列家具    X-编织躺椅...

On the first day of Chinese New Year, we send out our blessing to all with our X – Knitting Loungers as the new year’s gift and out gratitude to YANKO DESIGN for their report made on us.


中国新年的第一天,用我们  X - 绳编躺椅  作为新年礼物祝福大家猪年快乐!并感谢 YANKO DESIGN 的报道。

Our  Luffa Series furniture that had won “Reddot Award 2018 – Best of the Best” was invited to the design show “A Preview of the Future” in Xiamen Red Dot Design Museum, which ushered our World Tour Exhibition. May our works a pleasant trip!


德国红点至尊奖作品   丝 系列家具  受邀参加厦门红点设计博物馆 “ 遇见未来 ”设计展,并开启全球巡展的第一站,祝愿我们的作品旅途愉快!

Themed on the Chinese traditional craft – the mortise and tenon joint, RONG Exhibition has entered its Sixth Year. Through six months’ designing and producing, our works  Mogu Stool  and  Mogu Table  appeared at the Maison&Objet Paris. This series is also a brand-new exploration of remolding the mortise-tenon structure with modern molding craft. Hereby my sincere gratitude goes to my co-designer Yihuan Yao and Rong Design Library.


融设计展览迎来了第六年,以中国传统工艺—榫卯为主题。经历近6个月的设计与制作,我们的作品 蘑...

Two pieces of Liang’s design,  Luffa Series  and   X-Knitting Lounger , won respectively Red Dot Award 2018 - Best of the Best and Red Dot Award 2018 - Winner! With his original design, Liang was invited to stand on the podium of the highest level in global design. The honor drives ever-growing endeavor.

德国红点奖2018 — 至尊奖!

丝 系列家具   与   X-编织躺椅   两件作品从全球近8000个优秀设计中被评委们所青睐,分别获得德国红点奖至尊奖与优胜奖!非常荣幸可以用自己的原创作品站在全球设计最高级别的领奖台上,唯有继续努力才可以对得起这份殊荣。

Liang’s design,  Rotary Screens , won K-Design Award 2018 – Winner, the design award of the highest level in South Korea.

韩国设计奖项 K-Design Award

非常荣幸我的设计作品  旋转屏风  荣获 代表韩国最高水准的设计奖项 K-Design Award!

During the chinse Spring Festival 2018, Liang and his team paid a visit to the social enterprise Norlha, located in Ritoma Village in Gannan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture. The design project,  Tibetan Spinning and Social Design  was a major achievement of the research in Norlha. The project demonstrates the picture of Tibetans striving to acquire their sustainable happiness and respect with knowledge and diligence and open the gate connecting the plateau with the outside world. We exte...

Liang’s design,  Rotary Screens , stood out of over 5000 works in the 2017 DID Award (Dongguan Cup) International Industrial Design Competition and won the Golden Award and the First Prize of Investment Value Award. The design was acknowledged by the Father of Industrial Design in China – Guanzhong Liu and the renowned industrial designer in Finland - Hannu Kähönen.

2017东莞杯国际设计大赛 — 金奖

我的设计作品   旋转屏风   从5000余个参赛作品中脱颖而出,拿到2017东莞杯国际设计大赛金奖和投资价值一等奖,非常感谢中国工业设计之父——柳冠中与芬兰工业设计大师汉诺凯霍宁两位评委对我设计作...

The design project “Rong” has undergone five years of exploration with bamboo, silk, mud, copper, and eventually paper. Now loaded with fruitful achievements, it returns to where it took root, Hangzhou. We are honored to have participated in this project and heartfully grateful to all designers and staff.


“融”设计项目,从一颗设计的种子到生根发芽,历经“竹、丝、土、铜、纸” 五年的探索,现在载着满满的收获回到它的发源地——中国杭州。很荣幸明渡工作室可以参与到“融”设计项目,也对于所有的设计师们和工作人员表示由衷的感谢!

Photo Credit :PINWU,Jinrong Hu (Curator)   

图片来源: 品物流形,胡京容(策展人)

"NEOKIEL - Smart City Concept" was invited by the municipal government of Kiel, Germany to the Digital Week Kiel 2017. Our exhibition was intended to establish the smart interface platform for citizens.

德国基尔交互设计周 2017- 新基尔 数字化智能城市概念

“新基尔 - 数字化智能城市概念” 被德国基尔市政府邀请参加基尔交互设计周。我们的策展初衷是:构建开启民智的智能交互平台。

Our work  RONG - Redesign of the Accordion Binding  was invited to the RONG design exhibition at Milan Design Week 2017.

“融” 设计展览在米兰设计周

很荣幸我们作品  融—对经折装的再设计 受邀参加 “融” 设计展览,亮相2017年米兰设计周。

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