Luffa Series   

丝 系列家具

Luffa is a genus of the gourd family, native to Southeast Asia. Its fruit is edible, and will turn into the so-called luffa scrubbing sponge after dehydration and removal of the skin. The texture of this kind of sponge is smooth and soft. Compressed with wood and waterproofed, it will make an environmentally friendly natural material for furniture manufacturing. 
This collection of products are all designed in the simplest geometric shapes. With no distinct appearance, the design is outstanding in its unique texture, which gives the furniture a tactile quality and natural beauty. Each product from this collection can be disassembled easily and ready for transportation and reassembling.


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Designer: Chen Liang

Material: Luffa, Beech
Dimensions (mm): 
Plant stool: 273 (W) x 273(D) x 470(H)
Round stool:310(W) x 310(D) x 510(H)
Oval stool:325(W) x 305(D) x 450(H)
Sofa table:740(W) x 455(D) x 500(H)

设计师: 梁晨

材料: 丝瓜瓤, 榉木
三角形凳:  273(W) x 273(D) x 470(H)
圆形凳:  310(W) x 310(D) x 510(H) 
椭圆形凳:  325(W) x 305(D) x 450(H) 
沙发桌:  740(W) x 455(D) x 500(H)