X-Knitting Lounger  


This lounger is inspired by Asian knitting craft, a type of handcraft integrating functionality and decoration. The concept of knitting delivers a sense of interweaving.
The focus of the design is to make full use of the knitting craft’s merits on this outdoor furniture. The ropes used as the material with its excellent permeability and waterproof quality save much cleaning work. Another breakthrough of the design is the effective combination of knitting craft and ergonomics, which gives the furniture not only a charming figure but better elasticity and comfort.


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设计师: 梁晨, 马千里

材料: 不锈钢管, 合成纤维绳

尺寸(mm): 958(W) x 940(D) x 933(H)

Designer: Chen Liang , Qianli Ma

Material: Stainless steel pipe, Synthetic fiber 
                 (ANTI-UV and multicolor optional)
Dimensions (mm): 958(W) x 940(D) x 933(H)