Tibetan Spinning Craft and Social Design


Through the case of Norlha’s ten-year practice and exploration in the Tibetan region and the workshop’s yak wool products, this book not only presents an epitome of the development of product design and social design in the Tibetan region, but analyzes the combination of modern design thinking with traditional Tibetan anticraft and culture and the way of employing the ideas of social design and sustainable design to improve the Tibetans’ living conditions and mode of production. 
The book is designed spine-free, leaving the sewing-thread structure bare. The front-cover applies snow-white, while the back-cover sky blue, capturing the pure scenery of the Tibetan Plateau. The key element of yak wool in this book is also subtly embedded into the book cover, bringing the feel of this unique Tibetan material to the reader physically.


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Designer & Author: Chen Liang


Material: Super-Feeling paper 120 g/m², Yak wool

Dimensions (mm): 158(W) x 23(D) x 240(H)

设计师&作者: 梁晨

材质: 超感纸 120 g/m²(纸张), 牦牛绒
尺寸(mm): 158(W) x 23(D) x 240(H)