Annual Rings Clock II

年轮钟 2号

Annual rings are the trace of time growing in the tree. The abstract “Time” is visualized by means of annual rings, from where the design of the annual rings clock takes into shape.
This clock breaks the conventional shape of a clock. In clock II of this series the second hand, the minute hand and the hour hand are respectively set on separate clock faces. Connected to a magnetic power source, the tiny metal ball on the clock face can rotate on the track of the annual rings. The rotational speed is set by the digital program, which enables the clock to either run at the speed of a universal one or be adjusted at the individual will of the person using it so as to create his own “time”.


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Designer: Chen Liang

Material: Wood slice, Brass
Dimensions (mm): 1200(W) x110(D) x 180(H)

设计师: 梁晨

材料: 原木片, 黄铜
1200(W) x110(D) x 180(H)