A New Gateway on the Plateau


This film was cooked with the first-hand materials our team collected during our on-site inspection and interviews in Gannan Tibetan Region. It reviews the impact and change Norlha has taken on the local economy, religion, culture and natural environment, from the perspectives of the founders, the employees and local nomads.
There are usually complex factors and levels included in a social design project. Instead of representing the “good” or the “bad” from just one angle, different aspects should be given the spotlight so as to present to the audience a more objective and comprehensive picture. The film employs three screens together as the medium to extend the representing space. The separate but connected screens complement each other in content on the one hand, and place different interviewees on the same axis of time on the other hand, creating the impression of separate individuals expressing their own views while “conversing with each other” at the same time. 
In display the film is placed in the same space with books and yak wool materials in order to create a systematic and multi-dimensional expression with listening, reading and touching.


  Audio mixing version 


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Director & Film editing: Chen Liang, Dake Wang

Music Sound processing:Yi Wei

Duration: 28:54

导演 & 剪辑: 梁晨, 王大可

​音乐 & 声音处理:魏依